February 12, 2014

Stuff I Want To Remember

First of all, let me take this opportunity to date myself because I keep telling Patrick, "I really need to get this on film!" Except, no. There will be no film.


Anyway, I need to get all of these things on video (captured on my phone! We live in the Jetsons!) but in the meantime I want to at least note some of the Jackson-isms I want to remember.


As is the way with toddlers in general, Jackson likes to throw things. Mostly he's good about throwing things appropriately, like throwing a ball or throwing his legos in the lego box. One night while getting into jammies I asked him if he wanted to throw his clothes in the hamper and clearly he did. If I'm not mistaken his exact response was, "yup." As he threw each piece in and it landed in the hamper I cheered, "yay!". When he happened to miss a sock I said, "womp womp." This became The Greatest Thing Ever. Now when he throws his clothes in the hamper he purposely misses a few times for the required "womp womp."

The best part, though, and the part I want to remember most, is that even when he's doing his own thing and doesn't think anyone is paying attention to him if he drops something he quietly says, "bahmp bahmp" to himself.


I have no idea how this started, but Jackson carries various tubes of chapstick around like they're little figurines (I should say tubes of lip balm because they are various brands, but I'll just go with the proprietary eponym because you know what I mean and that's what we call them at home). There have been as many as eleven (ELEVEN!) and right now we've whittled it down to three. But god help you if you pull out a chapstick in his presence. I hope you didn't want it back. Also, I will give you the evil eye because NO THANK YOU.

Most days he has to take one to school with him. Every day before naptime and every night before bedtime he has to put each chapstick to "sleep" in his play barn. And he has to line them up himself, NOT MAMA, NOOO, MEEMEE. So basically it takes an extra ten minutes to get him in his crib. We're kind of over the whole chapstick obsession, but it's still pretty funny.


Or, as you and I would say, Snowman. For Jackson, anything that is stacked is a NO-MAHN! Actual snowmen made out of snow are, of course, NO-MAHN. But if you take a whole lot of the little square legos and stack those all up, that also becomes a NO-MAHN! And if you take all the protein powder and other supplement containers we have in the house and stack those on top of each other they, too, become a NO-MAHN!

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