December 3, 2013


I still refer to Jackson as "the baby." I still sometimes address him as "Baby." Although he can correctly identify a picture of a baby - any baby - he also recognizes his name/title as "Baby".

Jackson starts speech therapy this week. He's definitely been making progress on his own, even without the help. He's added a couple of words (apple, ball) and has now started mimicking letter sounds if we make them first although his versions aren't always right. Most of his "b" sounds come out as "m".


I'm excited to help him unlock the words that explain all the things he wants to tell us. But SO HELP ME GAWD if someone teach hims the proper way to say baby, heads will roll!

"Who am I?
"Yes! And who are you?"
"Yes! And who's baby are you?"
*points to me*


I've dropped dead from the cute.

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