June 24, 2013

Santa Barbara to Beverly

Kristin traveled from the left coast allllll the way to the right coast to visit the dogs. And Jackson, me and Patrick, too! Since I completely suck and didn't take any pictures while she was here, I went ahead and stole all the pictures she took in order to document the visit. Go me!

On Wednesday she went to a Crossfit class even though she had just arrived on the redeye. Because she is badass, obviously. That evening we went to Fenway and sat so close I could see the expression on Big Papi's face.

No zoom. We were so close the professional photographer was sitting next to us.

Thursday we had lunch in Gloucester at Lat 43. It was good. My kid ate seaweed salad with me because he's awesome. Kristin had a lobster roll because GLOSTAH.

He also had a cheeseburger, pickle, and zucchini.

After that we walked around Rockport for a little bit. April says the Ice Cream Store is the best ice cream in town.

Motif #1

Jackson had ice cream for the first time. He was not disappointed.

It was butter pecan. I ate all the pecans, though.

On Friday Kate and Sarah joined us for a beach day at Wingaersheek. It was essentially a 100% perfect beach day.

Right coast.

Saturday morning we went to another Crossfit class (that's two for her during her vacation!). We had a great, outdoor workout that left us sweaty and winded. Well, I was winded anyway, because I am clearly out of shape. In the afternoon, because I was afraid she hadn't gotten enough quintessential New England, we went on a walking tour of historical Marblehead. It was my fourth or fifth time on the tour (I've lost track, obviously) and I love it every time!

Four hours in the Ergo. Our bellies were little sweaty but he was a rockstar!

It was a great end to a great visit! Turns out I have excellent taste in friends.

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  1. Spectacular !! Thank you ! I especially enjoyed seeing my photos put to such good use. Some other things I learned: I shouldn't wear horizontal stripes. Ever. Thanks for calling me "badass" ... I don't think I qualify, but I'll take it ! I was sweatier and even more winded than you were. So there.

    I thought that Jackson's elbow, in that last picture, was a part of your boob falling out of your top ... but no. I momentarily feared that I had failed in my friend duty to tell you if you have spinach in your teeth or of your boob has fallen out in public. Guess not.

    Thanks for the GREAT time and for sharing your awesome east coast friends with me ! I loved everything ... sending nuggles to Kima, Easton and Jackson.

    "When in Rome ...."