March 13, 2013

Thirteen Months

Lucky thirteen! Jax is thirteen months and proving that I really should stop referring to him as "the baby" or addressing him as "Baby" because he is clearly a little boy (note: not gonna happen, Baby.)

hello, ladies
I love his personality and it develops more every day. He's independent but playful. He'll happily sit with his cars and make vroooom noises or flip through his books on his own, but then he'll holler and hold out the book if he wants you to read it. He likes throwing balls and dunking into the big basketball hoop. He really likes knocking things over and the other day was trying mightily to pick up the coffee table so he could throw it on its side. He lets you know he's ready for a game of chase (a multi-day occurrence) by crawling behind the chair and waiting to hear "I'm gonna git you!" Then he squeals with glee and books it for the next chair.

He's talkative but doesn't say very many words. We're getting a LOT of "what's that?" in the form of "dhat? dhat? dhat?" but mostly Dada and Mama are still his only really words.

While he might not say the word, I feel like he knows everything we're saying. Ask for the blanket and he'll get it. Tell him to get Tigger and he grabs it. Ask where Kima is and he points to her, and ask where Easton is and he points to him.

He's just recently started snuggling. He'll grab a blanket and snuggle with it, or pull up a pillow and snuggle on it. He likes snuggling on the dogs; they are not crazy about the snuggling.

Jax started standing on his own and will even bend down to pick something up and stand back up. He hasn't really attempted walking yet, but I'm guessing that's right around the corner. Or maybe not, who knows.

I'm thankful that he's still a good eater and now that he finally has enough teeth to bite we share a lot of apples. I'll bite off the top layer of all the skin and he takes over biting away pieces of the inside. While he likes playing with his spoons he's not into feeding himself from a spoon. His hands work just fine, thankyouverymuch, Mama.

We adapted to Daylight Saving Time with ease and he now goes to bed at 7pm. Once the weather gets nicer this will be a great change for late afternoons at the park or beach! We do get out for a walk most afternoons but we're back long before dinner time.

He makes silly faces and laughs and babbles and points and observes.

I love him so. 

13 months!

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