March 18, 2013

Making a Liar Out of Me

So on precisely the same day as I posted about Jackson's 13 month he decided that he would, in fact, like to grab the spoon with food on it and put it in his mouth. For the entire meal. And at the next meal take the fork, and eat off of it, too. He still prefers to grab fistfuls and shovel them in his mouth, but I love watching him grasp these new concepts.

The other day I handed him his comb during our morning trip to the bathroom and instead of putting it immediately in his mouth he started combing his hair. Only when his hair was combed did he put it in his mouth, obviously. What do YOU do with your comb when you finish combing your hair?

Saturday we had game day at our house. Or, actually, not-game day. We intended to play games but we didn't plan well for that. Cards, tiles, pads of paper - turns out that none of that is toddler friendly (hmm, who woulda thought?) and just when we were getting Rockband on a roll Jackson decided he couldn't keep his hands off the Xbox power button. Oh well.

He also took that opportunity to show his aunties and Nana that OF COURSE he can walk. He grabbed my hand and walked across the entire living room, followed shortly by five wobbly but unassisted steps of his own. I wouldn't go so far as to say he's walking yet, but he's certainly proved that it's closer than I thought.

Oh this kid!

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