February 20, 2013

Jackson's First Birthday Party

We were supposed to have Jackson's party on the 9th but we ended up getting almost three feet of snow. (!!!) The party was postponed until the 16th and it was everything I could have hoped for my little boy's first party.

There were lots of great "party" aspects: I made a logo for his birthday inspired by (and obviously heavily influenced by) this amazing birthday bash for Grayson. Thanks, Pinterest! I printed it out in little squares and made cake/cupcake toppers out of it.

I took all of his monthly pictures and put them on the wall to be seen as soon as you walked in the house. It really is amazing to see the changes in twelve months and I am so glad I took the time every month to get these done. I will continue to do monthly pics for as long as I can, but I'm moving on from the white onesie. I just want to capture him in action on the 11th of every month for a while and watch him grow.

I played his birthday video on the TV, there were plenty of oohs and ahhs. Everyone was so generous and brought gifts. We were able to put a few more dollars in his own bank account plus play with new toys, read new books, and wear new clothes. And of course some of those things came in BOXES! YAY FOR BOXES! The boxes were the biggest hits of the gifts, I think.

I did make him a cake and, look, I may have turned to Pinterest for inspiration as much as possible but I didn't get out any fondant or royal icing or spring form pans or anything fancy. In fact, his cake kind of looked like a big blog on a paper plate. Probably because that's exactly what it was. But that's ok because he's never had cake before and he loved getting down and dirty. Truthfully, he took one single bite and that was it (he later stuffed his face with grass fed ground beef and roasted broccoli making me about the proudest Mama ever! Patrick just looked at him and said, "well that's your boy!") And in case you're wondering if I've lost my edge, the cake contained no flour or refined sugar - it was this Pumpkin Chocolate Cake and the "frosting" was unsweetened whipped organic cream. I sprinkled a little blue sugar (no artificial coloring) on top. If you're snickering that the reason he didn't eat any cake is because it tasted like crap I'll tell you that I made cupcakes for everyone else from the same recipe and people were taking leftovers home and asking for the recipe. I promise it tastes like dense, fudgey, chocolate cake (something between a brownie and cake - too light to be a brownie and too dense to be a cake but delicious and healthy nonetheless). I did put real, sugary frosting on those.

Still, all that was a lot of fun but the absolute best part of the day was just watching my son have a great time. My baby was a serious baby. He wasn't unhappy but he never did smile a lot as an infant. He wasn't a giggly baby. He also had serious separation anxiety and up until he was about nine months old he would still go hysterical if even my sister - who he sees often - would try to hold him. If I left the room all hell would break loose. I wasn't worried, per se, but I definitely looked forward to the day that he would feel safe around our closest friends and family, people that he sees often and who love him.

Saturday was that day. He went from person to person, laughing and "talking", instigating games of chase, reading his books. Patrick and I didn't worry about staying in the same room with him and more than once he held his arms out to be held - by someone not his Mama or Dada.

We didn't have one fuss or one whine. He clapped and smiled and hammed it up. It was the best birthday party ever!


  1. Wish I could have been there, I miss my family! Love you all! :)