January 29, 2013

Pv.Body Change- Update!

I received a very responsive email from my rep at Pv.Body answering my questions about 1) whether Ellie was now the only brand of clothing available and 2) how their customer service issues have been resolved. Here's the information I got back:

1) All boxes will include Ellie line. Customers can either choose the 2 pieces they want or they can choose to get "surprised" based on their style quiz. 

2) We have added more people to our customer service team and we will some be implementing 2 shifts instead of just one 8-hour shift. Also, feel free to notify me if they have any questions or have them send me an email if their issues are not being resolved immediately!
I like the idea of being able to choose your pieces or be surprised. I can't, at this point, speak to the quality of the Ellie line, but even a workout top and bottom from Target would be at least $50 so provided the clothes are a decent quality and fit it's still a good deal.

It seems to me that the company recognized there were customer service issues previously and took action to resolve them. Again, I can't speak to this personally as every interaction with them that I've had has been positive. 

I'd still love to hear the outcome of anyone who purchased through my code. I'll check out the Ellie line and let you know my honest opinion about the clothes!

Thanks again to Cate, for calling to my attention some really good reasons to question the deal, and thanks to Pv.Body for a very quick response that definitely satisfies my concerns!


Ok guys, I'm sorry for the switcho-chango here. I just got an email from Pv.Body about their new Ellie line which I found confusing. I hadn't even had a chance to contact the rep to ask about it when Cate left a comment on my original post bringing this strange change to my attention. Thanks, Cate, for sending me the link to SarahFit's post and info.

It seems that Pv.Body is changing their model a bit and of course I didn't know any of this when I originally promoted the site. It's still a monthly subscription of fitness apparel but now instead of receiving amazing name brands clothes they'll be sending their own brand called Ellie.

That's a pretty big blow but not a 100% dealbreaker for me, in terms of supporting them, except for two things: 1) the ol' swticheroo comes across as sneaky and unpleasant, 2) there have been complaints about the company's customer service.

I still love the outfit that I received and still love the idea of the site, but I'm going to look into this a little more before continuing to promote them.

If you ordered through my promotion I hope you do get a great box and love your clothes and I apologize for this confusion and change. I'll post more info when I know more.


  1. Hmmm ... interesting. I will check out the first outfit or two and see what I think of the quality, etc. If they're not up to snuff I can just send them back for a refund. But who knows ... maybe their brand is going to be AWESOME and something I might not have found otherwise. I agree with you, though ... it feels a little sneaky or, at minimum, poorly planned (on their part, not yours.)

  2. Hi Amyella, thanks for your post.

    I've been able to gather at least two dozen posts from bloggers distancing themselves over the proposed Ellie switch. If you have a moment, please take a look at their new Ellie page and see that it's now marketing itself as an invite only site. Why is that???

    Furthermore, please take a moment to go to the Facebook page and read over the dozens of complaints. This company is utilizing some very dishonest practices with its customer base. There is a huge backlash against them the works. Not only from consumers, but also from many bloggers.