January 15, 2013

Newsletter Eleven

Dear Jax,

What a month of growth it's been! You are on the verge of completely leaving behind the infant version of yourself and headed quite squarely to the toddler. You're not quite there yet, but you're awfully close.

We've hit some big milestones in the last few weeks, starting with me dropping you off to be babysat in a home other than ours. It wasn't a planned thing but circumstances made it necessary and neither of us was particularly ready for it. There were tears when I left (from both of us) and it was a long three hours. Of course you did great after I left, probably better than me.

You popped yourself a second tooth, also on the bottom, and you love grabbing a puff and biting it into little pieces with your teeth. I'm not sure if it's the crunching sound or the feeling but it cracks me up. Puffs are the only food you don't share with the dogs. Even some of your favorites - baby quiches and blueberries - get dangled over the side of the high chair with a yell for "DA! DA!" as you call for the dogs and then drop the food on the floor for them. I can't say that I'm fond of this act and usually you get a stern head shaking and a "noooo". But then I have to turn my head and snicker. So cute!

You don't say a lot of words but you know quite a bit. You say "mama" and "da-da" (which is sometimes also "da" so determining whether you want daddy or the dogs is purely context), sometimes "hi" and if I say "a cow says mooooo" you agree with "mmmmmmm". Although you don't say the words you know "up" and "down", "music" and "dance".

In fact, music and dance are right at the top of your favorite things! You'll dance to just about any sound or jingle and especially daddy's beats. Before you even see him when you hear him walk through the door at night you start your moves. Now you sing along too with "aahhhhhh uhhhhh ahhhhh".

We had to travel and stay in a hotel recently and it did not go over well. Although you've been sleeping beautifully that night you got up at nine and stayed awake until one in the morning. I was tired for my meeting. You made up for it the next day by figuring out how to climb up stairs. Not just climb, but fly! After the first couple of steps you decided you had the mechanics down and just took off upward! I was right behind you, of course, with my hand held out behind your bum but you didn't need any help. Baby gates are up every where around here.

I'm certain you'd be able to stand on your own if you wanted and probably even take a few steps, but you haven't even bothered trying. You get around just fine on all fours (finally graduated from the army crawl!) and you're a big fan of cruising the furniture. You can make your way all the way around the coffee table pretty quickly and I'm always dragging the remotes and drinks in a circle to keep them out of your reach.

We'll be celebrating your birthday in a few weeks with family and I'm beside myself when I realize you're going to be a year old. Not yet though. Right now you're eleven months. Just eleven little months. Still my baby.

Always my baby.

Love forever,

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  1. Holy moly, a year old already... wish I could be there!! Auntie loves you Jax!!!! :)