January 21, 2013

My Review and Promo Code for Pv.Body

NOTE: There have been some changes at Pv.Body that I'm investigating. Please read my updated post here.

Disclaimer: I received a free pair of workout pants and a workout top in exchange for my review of pvbody.com. The thoughts and opinions are mine.

I know a lot of people, including myself, that are taking advantage of the fresh start of a new year and buckling down on nutrition and fitness goals. There are a lot of online or gym challenges you can participate in but sometimes good old fashioned competition with a friend works just as well or better! I also love the idea of setting up non-food related rewards to hitting milestones. Maybe two weeks of clean eating gets you a pedicure. Or maybe four weeks of hitting all your workouts means new workout clothes!

I was excited to be contacted by pv.Body to review their clothes and site. Pv.Body is a fun, monthly clothing subscription box where you receive new fitness clothes from different brands every month. You start by taking a short quiz so the site knows what style of clothes you like to workout in (for example, running shorts? yoga pants? bright colors or all black?) I fit the mold of a "gym goer" and like pants or capris and workout tanks. Once you have a style profile set up you get a 2 piece outfit every month for $49.95 (shipping is free) That's it!

The best part is that the value of every shipment is at least $100! They carry brands like Lululemon, Nike, Lorna Jane, Adidas, and American Apparel. I challenge you to find a deal like that anywhere else.

I received a workout tank and capris by MPG and loved them. I was definitely impressed by the quality. I asked for a size medium top and was pleased. I probably could have gotten away with a small but since I still have a little post-baby softness around my belly button I like to make sure I have room in my workout tops. The top has this nice panel in the back and a little zippered pocket that would be handy to carry a key when going out for a run. I did two weight workouts in this outfit and the top had plenty of support that I didn't need another sports bra underneath (rare!) If I were going to run in it or do plyometrics where I'd be jumping around I would wear another bra underneath; I like those girls really well secured.

The capris are super comfortable and I'm not sure how this is the case but I found them very breathable while working out (they didn't make my butt sweat) but they were super warm when I wore them outside to take the dogs out. There's obviously some science involved there that I don't get but I will be wearing these with my Uggs for the rest of the winter when I have to go outside.

I threw these in the washer and dryer on high heat with no problems, although I'm pretty sure the tag says "low heat". Does anyone have time to dry clothes on the low heat setting? Come on. Anyway, no shrinking or bunching or pilling or anything. Good to go.

PvBody has offered to give my readers 20% off! You get to sign up with a 20% discount and get a 2-piece outfit of your own. It's definitely worth checking out, especially at that price, and you can always cancel your subscription anytime.

Use this link to sign up and get 20% off: http://www.pvbody.com/try/Amyella and let me know what you think!


  1. This is BRILLIANT ! I am totally doing this, since I was just thinking how I would work out even MORE if I only had more cute workout gear ! Thanks for the 20% discount ...

  2. Just want to put out a warning for anybody who's thinking about signing up with them - there are loads and loads of terrible reviews that they gave gotten in regards to their horrible customer service, potential bait & switch ads, misleading promises, and bad product. Google 'PV Body scam' to see for yourself.

    I myself just got a refund for shipments that never arrived after having to hound them for 6 WEEKS! That's just really inexcusable for any company.

    Sarah Fit's post has tons of really insightful comments in them, so I highly recommend reading through them all.


    Lots of bloggers have also recanted their support for this company. Many bloggers have found that their readers who signed up through them have had horrible issues with them. Please know what you're getting into before you decide to continue promoting them.