January 7, 2013

Getting Fit(ter) In the New Year

Man, how cliche is that? Getting fit in the new year? Gag!

Did anyone else eat too much sugar over the holidays? No? Just me? That's ok because on December 26th I started a sugar detox and I feel so much better. I stuck with strict Paleo eats - no alcohol, grains, dairy, legumes, sugar (including natural sugars like honey) and most fruit. I did have one piece of fruit per day, because it helped my sanity without hindering progress. I feel great!

I also made a commitment to myself that I would figure out a workout routine by the time Jackson turns a year old. I've got a little over four weeks.

I have been working out here and there, but there's no schedule or routine to it, which drives me nuts. My biggest hurdle in motherhood so far has been figuring out how to manage a schedule for myself. I've been able to make sure that Jax always eats at a consistent time, naps (or attempts to nap) at fairly consistent times and I can't even tell you how many times I've passed on going out because I don't dare screw with bedtime. Patrick and I don't even go out to dinner (with or without the baby) because bedtime falls smack in the middle.

So I'm getting it together. I do not want Spring to roll around and have me staring at my closet wondering what I can wear. I'm still breastfeeding 4-5 times a day but I'm not pumping anymore (HALLELUIAH!! YAY!! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!) so that opens up a few hours of my day.

I have a couple of ideas about how I'm going to work it, but right now I'm testing to see what works best. I will have something in place by February 11. Gone are the days where I can just decide to do something for myself and then just do it. Babies, man.

In the meantime, I'm getting my sweat on whenever I can. Looking forward to being a strong and fit mama in 2013!

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