December 4, 2012

Play Date

It just occurred to me the other day that Jackson has no friends and it's all my fault! He spends his days with the nanny and mama and other than our regular walks we've been mostly inside since he became big enough to actually play. This summer he loved watching the big kids when we went to the playground but he could barely sit up on his own at that point. In our old neighborhood it was kid central, all kids all the time! I'd strap the baby on and we'd go outside and I'd chat with the moms and Jax would watch the kids because he was only a few months old and too young to play.

But now? Now he's big enough to get down and play at the playground but it's too cold and there are hardly any kids there these days. The only neighborhood kids here are in elementary school. I have no friends with little ones. We are desperate for play dates and I haven't done anything to make it happen.

So I joined a couple of Meetup groups and immediately signed up for four play dates in the area. This afternoon is our first one and we'll be headed to some stranger's house to play with a bunch of strangers and their kids. I'm glad for the baby, he really needs the socialization. I hope he digs it.

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