November 30, 2012

In Between Stage or To Cut Or Not To Cut

You know when you're growing out your bangs and you hit that awkward in between stage? Hair not quite long enough to blend in or pull back, but too long to look like it's supposed to be that way? That's kind of what the baby's hair looks like right now.

He has all this baby hair undergrowth but the top is long and sort of wispy. It's approaching mullet territory in the back (but not quite there yet), the sides are longer than the top of his ears, but the front doesn't get in his eyes or anything. It just kind of does its unruly thing.

I can't bring myself to cut it! I love little baby boys with long, crazy hair. On the other hand, baby boys with neat, short hair are adorable as well.

So: to cut or not to cut?


  1. I'm having the same problem right now with Conner! It's longer and curlier in the back, but now the sides are starating to go over his ears a little bit... B had shaggy hair before we cut it and it was so freakin cute. But C is starting to look like a hobo. But I loved the long, shaggy look.... and I absolutely loooove running my fingers through it when he's playing, it's so cute. Stupid decisions...

  2. I'm convincing myself that he needs to keep it longer for the cold weather lol. I love that shaggy look, too, and I can't imagine not running that long hair across my cheek when he's on my lap. But, yeah, we're in hobo territory right now!