July 17, 2012

Shopping List for Whole30

First I just want to note that the people at Whole9 do offer an official shopping list that you can download. I haven't purchased it but I do intend to buy their book when I have more time to actually read (see: tiny human who doesn't sleep.) I want to talk about grocery shopping because I get a little push back from family and friends about the cost of food.

Regardless of what store I choose (Shaw's, Market Basket, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's) I'm going to buy the same stuff: organic produce, organic, free range chicken, grass fed beef, wild caught fish, pastured (or at least organic and cage free) eggs. So the first step is to make the commitment to eat as healthily as possible. From there getting your Whole30 groceries is just like any other shopping trip. You buy what's in season, look for sales, and when it makes sense buy in bulk. There are some great online sources for grass fed meats but for my purposes I want to show that shopping for food at local groceries stores should not be a source of anxiety.

I hit up Whole Foods every Friday to get food for the upcoming week. This week I'll let you know what Whole30 meals I plan on making, what my grocery list is, and what my total dollars spent looks like.

This way of eating shouldn't be intimidating. I think you'll find it's quite doable!


  1. Looking forward to it... I feel like grocery shopping for healthy foods here is soooo expensive!

  2. Invite people to spend a weekend with you ! That's what did it for me ... SEEING a real person just go and do it. It's NOT a big deal, it just becomes a habit. We're all stuck in our habits of buying certain foods, and all it takes to replace them with the good stuff is picking up the right thing off the shelf. I made it far too complicated for years and years. Obviously things may click differently for different people, but that's what did it for me: hanging out with Amy for a few days ! You might consider starting a business ! Paleo Consulting, something like that.