May 28, 2014


I don't know how this happened, but two days ago my name changed. I'm no longer "Mama" and instead I hear "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" coming from my baby's mouth. Where did he learn this? School? We never say Mommy, we always say Mama. And I still do. And I still will, for a while at least, in the hopes that it will catch back on. I mean, I know we don't live in the south but I was really hoping to hang onto "Mama" permanently. Like, I want to hear my wildly successful, grown man of a son pick up the phone and say, "Hey, Mama, how are you doing today?"

Instead, I hear something like this message, left for me while I was at the gym the other night: Listen to this.

May 21, 2014

I Love You, Mama

I guess it's hard to understand if you don't know Jackson-toddler-speak, but he's saying, "I love you, Mama"

May 5, 2014

Stuff I Want To Remember

I was marveling the other day how a few months ago Jackson literally went from about six words to more than 50 in approximately three weeks. I was also saying that I'm so happy that we finally have conversations where he can tell me about his day, or what hurts, or what he'd like to do. I love that almost every day I see new developments in his speech. But it also breaks my heart that some of his baby-isms have already dropped! We've completely lost "Meemee/Maymee" and it's just "Baby" now. "DHAT?!" has been replaced with "Dhat is dhat?"

This morning, out of the blue, he referred to the dogs as "Kima" and "Easton" instead of "Memaw" and "Eat-in".  

He's still got a handful of Jacksonims that are my favorite:

Moot (Milk)
Mooz (Move)
Moo-mee (Excuse me)
Mah-mih-mah MOUSTH (Mortimer Mouse)

I know the appropriate thing to do is to use the correct pronunciation in return, so if he asks for "moot, pease" I should say "here's your milk". But sometimes I say moot, too. Or moo-mee. Or mooz. I mean, I'm only human, ya know?