April 10, 2014

Fudgy Coconut Flour Brownies

I'm a better cook than I am photographer. Obvz.
I'm not saying these brownies will change your life, but I'm not saying they won't, either. These are Empowered Sustenance's Coconut Flour Brownies. I already have a coconut flour brownie recipe but, 1) BROWNIES 2) these are sweetened with only maple syrup. They win.

A couple things to note: I LOVE rich, fudgy, dense brownies. These are that. I also love coconut, and these do have a hint of coconut flavor and texture. If you hate coconut (sorry, Paige), these aren't for you (more for me!) I use this coconut flour, and it's possible that a different brand wouldn't impart the same degree of coconut.

In terms of options, I used all coconut oil, but I'd like to try it with pasture butter, too. I used maple syrup to sweeten and included a tablespoon each of vanilla and coffee granules.

And I let Jackson have one with his breakfast. That's the beauty of healthy baking!

April 7, 2014

In the sun

Note that Jackson insisted on mittens despite the 50 degree temps. 
What's this I see? Is it...warm enough for the kids to be outside? Without snow pants and boots? Is that the ground showing?

We've broken through the gray gates and it's now warm enough for the kids to be outside every morning at school and for us to go back to our daily afternoon walks!

It's still a bit chilly down at the beach and we head back with pink cheeks and cold noses, but it's been sunny and we're slowly starting to don lighter layers.

I haven't been able to make it long enough to go unbroken outside time until dinner, but we've been heading to the beach, then back toward home with a detour to the ball field, then back home to the backyard. By the time I feel really cold all we have to do is go in the house. I realize I'm more sensitive to the cold than some but that's just the way it goes. You will not hear me complain one single time when it's 98 degrees and humid this summer. I'll be the one drenched in sweat with a frizzy ponytail grinning like a fool in the sun.

Despite me getting chilled after a couple of hours I think Jackson would stay outside past bedtime if I let him. We're supposed to break 60 degrees a couple of times this week, although we might get rain. We'll see. Either way, we're all beyond delighted just to be out at all.

April 3, 2014

Paleo Baked Pizza "Spaghetti"

Tastes a lot better than my lousy photography
I've been following PaleOMG for a long time now - I love her recipes and her stream of consciousness writing is pretty entertaining. I've made a bunch of her recipes but I keep coming back to this one. I've made it every week for three weeks now. My favorite combination is to use pre-cooked Italian sausage, as I tend to do with a lot of recipes, (because it makes throwing it together a lot easier with less clean up) and chopped pepperoni, which gives it that nod to pizza. Whole Foods sells 8oz cans of tomato sauce for 99 cents and while I usually have some homemade sauce in the freezer, I like the ease of just opening one of these cans.

Jackson likes to pick all the sausage out and just eating that. Give that kid a plate with a heaping pile of meat and he's happy. Patrick won't touch it because he doesn't like angel hair pasta and the texture of the spaghetti squash is too similar. Er, that's the point, of course, so his loss and YAY more for me!

April 1, 2014


I'm the first to admit that I'm not hip (evidenced by the fact that I say "not hip"). I know this song is popular right now but I sort of stumbled upon it and I'm obsessed with it. I listened to it so many times the other day that Jackson finally covered his ears and told me, "No Mama! No!" Whatever, kid, do you know how many times per day I listen to the hot dog song?

I finally downloaded it and added it to basically every playlist I have. As an aside, I prefer downloading through Amazon, even though downloading from iTunes right on my phone is faster. The Amazon cloud player automatically adds it to iTunes so there's no extra step in that regard and now I have an MP3 that will play on any device instead of a proprietary Apple file. Not that I have any intention of switching my iPhone, iPod, or iPad any time soon, but still. Proprietary files can suck it.